Perhaps the single most effective tactic in radio sailing is to avoid collisions with boats and marks, at almost any cost. This is especially important for  beginners to the sport, but it also applies to advanced level sailing.

Exploiting the racing rules to their limits, as often happens in big boat sailing, is rarely beneficial. This is (mostly) because it is more difficult to judge positions and distances when you are not on the boat.

Here is an excellent tutorial from David Allsebrook (Canada).  It is especially informative on aspects of model yacht racing that are different from "big boat" racing: 

There is also a useful document  on our Rules page with a series of quiz questions on how to get out of typical scenarios encountered by the Wanderers fleet on the Wanderers race course: go to racing rules page

This website run by Lester Gilbert (UK) is a gold mine of advanced technical information. It is derived from sailing IOM class yachts, but most of it is  applicable to DF sailing: